Nigga Please #Jokeoftheday

Hold up wait a fucking minute. Kanye West has lost his rabbit ass mind. Now i must admit one of my guilty pleasures is occasionally obsessing over the kardashians . They truly are that thing we all love to hate . I’ve never disliked Kanye if anything I think the black community adored him after he said George Bush doesn’t like black people on national T.V , i mean we ALL were thinking it  but , he decided to go on a whole rant mid concert about how he would’ve voted for trump and  telling black people ” everything isn’t about race “. He hands down gets the #Jokeoftheday award. Kanye , let’s keep it all the way real… if you weren’t a celebrity you would be joining us in this outcry for help because it would be directly affecting you. My nigga just cause you hold that “token black card” that doesn’t mean a thing. What happen to Kanye honestly ? He had the nerve to say something about building that damn wall. He’s completely lost it. Honey, those white folk was not shooting with you while you were in the gym, we were. Seems like when black celebrities get famous and live somewhat a privileged lifestyle they forget about their roots. I mean he’s saying everything is not all about race like ever since 2012 we haven’t been dealing with police brutality. Like your people are not being killed . Oh , let me guess the black community isn’t “your people”. We all know the kardashians love them some black d*ck so lets all remind Kanye that mandingo you have in your pants is thanks to your african roots and without it you may not have had your blow up doll wife , Kim and those cute kids.  Kanye keep that shit cute or put it on mute. Go up there and rap them verses and leave it at that. I can’t wait for the bullshit apology he is going to give us that his PR agent is currently writing . So no Kanye we will not let you finish and you are definitely not the greatest rapper of all time. And while you are at it make sure you drop that name Yeezus and stop disrespecting the Alpha and Omega. Thanks in advance.




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