Courtni , Court , Coco

I’m guessing ya’ll are expecting me to do that thing you do on the first day of school when the teacher makes everyone introduce themselves. Then awkwardly everyone gets up one by one with those lingering chuckles in the background as we all try to scramble and think of that one fact that your willing to share with everyone. Well , i’m gonna tell you about me but leave out the side effects of me , you know , cause that’s what we all do. I am a 19 year old college student who resides in Houston. I am a middle child ( so you already know i’m pretty fucked up in the head right?) with an older sister and younger brother. I am a certified fat chick and no not thick or bbw , Drake got y’all thinking bbw girls got thighs and no stomach and that’s simply … a joke . Anyways, i’m a truth teller its my biggest flaw and asset. lol. I’m that friend you have to warn people about before they meet them. If you ask me, the toned down version of me is pretty fucking BLAHHH and boring. I pretty much stay on level 10 all the damn time. I’ve been watching reality T.V since i was nine so, i’m pretty sure i’ve unintentionally coached myself to be alllllll that and more. I’ve had a milkshake thrown on me so I must be the real fucking deal right? Overall , i’m pretty straight forward what you see is what you get definitely and what you give out is what will be reciprocated. What you can look forward to is a bunch laughs, tears (most likely from crying laughing , and a little bit of anger cause i’m bound to piss someone off!





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