That hood inner me

Kermit the frog is truly a meme legend. He had everyone cracking up sipping that good ole Lipton tea and  now he is back at it again with Kermit vs. hood Kermit . When i say hood kermit i don’t mean he is from the bricks or no shit like that but, i mean he basically stands for that inner voice that negotiates with the side of you that has some home training. This meme is beyond #relatable. You know as soon as you get in a predicament its always that side of you thats egging you on to wild the fuck out. Who knew we all had that inner scammer inside. While some of these memes can get a little flat out scandolous CHILLLLEEE like asking for abortion money to get a new sew in or knowing that felaccio is your  specialty so you gone ham on his ass . LMAO! Now , let me be clear all these different scenarios might not relate to us but we all know someone who could have practically made the post.  In a time where things are a little hetic because of the previous election we all are in need of a good laugh. But who am I kidding we all know #blacktwitter comes through with that good good just when we need it.


CourtniWithAni , That bitch who said it


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