I smiled.

We’ve all been there. The break up. Now my situation was a little more different , in fact , I can’t even consider it a break up or him a ex. We’ll just call it a situationship. Now some of my friends jumped out of relationships and jumped right into another one. Now i’m not that lucky in fact , i have never been in a relationship before , exclusively.  It is easy for someone to say they are SOO over their ex when you have someone new.  But when do you know that you are truly over someone? The story is kind of corny and yall dont know the extent of the crazy side of me so you might not understand. Anyways, Here i am today , months after the final goodbye , scrolling on twitter and I see him. The “ex”. I click on his page (you know i got that degree in lurkology 101 so i was being reeeeeaaaal careful) and i start to scroll , not looking for anything in particular just being nosey. & bloop. There she is , the new girl he’s involved with. I did something i thought i wasn’t capable of. I smiled. Instead of dwelling on how bad he did me wrong or saying that ” she aint as cute as me or ” i hope that bitch …” I smiled. Not because i got me a new boo or anything like that . lol.  But because i remember a time when i use to cry , a time where i felt incomplete , not good enough but today i felt elated . I smiled because, I hope that girl can love him better than i ever could. I wish him nothing but the best and sincerely have no ill feelings. Our time has came and gone. And i can still think about our past memories and laugh and know that God will bring me someone who is perfect for me and not someone i have to teach to love me. I know that i am sincerely happy . Back in the gap all hell would’ve froze over , i mean DAY RUINED OK! Lmao . But today , I smiled.


CourtniWithAnI, that bitch who said it


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