I only date black guys.

Now love is a beautiful thing. I don’t care what race or gender you are.Two people embracing each other , loving each other, flaws and all will FOREVER be beautiful to me. But what truly makes my skin crawl is this new ” I date black guys trend” and YES i said trend. Some girls of different races seem to love to catch them a black guy just to say they have a black boyfriend. And let me tell y’all what the GAG is some of these girls who claim to only date black guys have racist tendencies. First off, i truly want to know how you can not be attracted to your own race. How can you not be attracted to you? That off rip is something i simply can’t grasp. Then, if you only date black guys and you say things like ” black girls just mad that we’re stealing their man” or you believe because you’re with a black guy you can say whatever you want about black women you’re a tad bit racist. (really more than a tad bit but i’m being nice.) Having black friends nor having a black significant other gives you the right to say nigga. Also, that I want mixed babies shit is crazy. It’s called build a bear not build a child. Don’t let you tryna be cute on twitter get you fucked up cause if you say some shit like that offends me i’m calling your ass OUT! PERIOD! My problem is NOT  interracial relationships. My problem is that some women  of different races/ethnicities who date black men disrespect not only black culture but disrespect black women. And the guys who choose to have a preference of women who aren’t black ,who disrespect black women , Nigga, yo ass definitely not off the hook. NEWS FLASH : You’re mother and your aunties ARE BLACK so when you go on a rant about black women just remember that you came out of one. You shouldn’t be dating someone just because they are a certain race. Honey, Let me tell you something if you come across someone who is treats you right but you don’t date them because he is not black you need to do some soul searching . Black men are not a trend that you can pick up when you feel like it. If you got offended by anything i said you probably are the prototype of what i’m talking about because someone who is with someone because they love them is not  even worried about the color of their skin. That’s not even a factor in why they chose that person. I was raised by a black man , plan to marry one and have beautiful black kids.  My husband isn’t going to settle for anything less than a black queen and definitely won’t bash his own people. So , i guess we have different types afterall.

CourtniWithAnI , That Bitch Who Said It !!

Here are a couple of photos of my great grandmother who is indian , black and white and my great grandpa who is black and their beautiful offsprings a.k.a my family. Due to their love you will see different shades , different hair textures , different types of beauty.  R.I.P to Meemaw & Granddaddy the g.o.a.t of interracial relationships!

Granddaddy & meemaw
Grandaddy and meemaw with my cousin adam
meemaw serving face
Meemaw and Granddaddy with their 5 kids : Uncle Dwight , Lajuanta (my grandma) , Uncle bracey ( top row)  Granddaddy  ,Aunt spring, Meewmaw, Aunt Connie  (bottom row)


Uncle Bracey , Uncle Dwight, Aunt Spring Aunt Connie, Granddaddy, Meemaw (sitting), & Lajuanta ( My grandma)
Sydni (my sister) , Meemaw, Me
Too many folk in this one just know this family
MY baby cousins Austin & Kya
Domonic & Austin ( Aunt Spring’s Grandkids )
Cameron ( who is mixed with mexican and black) & Kya
Dallas ( Uncle Dwight’s child), Uncle Jerrod  & My grandma , Uncle William & Aunt Spring , Kya & Jelani ( Dallas Kids) , & Gabby  ( Jerrods Daughter)
Summer & Carlos ( Aunt Soring Grandkids)
Uncle Jerrod his daughters Gabby and Naomi & wife Andrea
Gabby , Summer , Austin & Domonic
My parents


Shonnie , crystal,dallas




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