Loving your natural.

Many may look ay my hair and think i have the perfect curl pattern, “it must be so easy to do your hair” but in reality i have struggled with dealing with my hair. I have always had braids , weaves , and perms. Just to give you a little brief summary of my hair journey : my hair was growing but due to the fact  that i was perming it , my hair was extremely fragile and would break off easily. I don’t think I ever had a natural revelation i just started to get weaves more and stopped perming my hair. So one day after taking my weave out, i jumped in the shower and when i stepped out i noticed that my hair was kind of wavy. Just a little side note: Anytime i ever wet my hair it would just be straight with no curl to it. My mom and sister both had very prevalent curl patterns. My whole life my sister’s hair has been passed her shoulders and my mom likes to change it up but she would cut it all off just to grow it long again. So when my curl pattern started to show i kind of was happy because i felt like i would fit in more and not be the ” she must didn’t get the curly hair gene child”. I kept wearing weaves ( 22 inches or more because if it’s not practically BALD honey) but when i would take my hair out i would realize the new growth was coming in coily so even though my hair was growing it didn’t look any longer. Eventually when my hair got to a comfortable length i cut the permed hair off. May of 2016 i decided to wear my real hair for six months straight and i have learned many techniques and styles that i like to wear . These past six months have given me so much confidence  i think that i wore weaves so much that i forgot how to love myself in my purest natural state. For ladies who are struggling with feeling comfortable with your own hair here are 5 tips that i hope help in your natural hair journey :

1.Wear your real hair OUT. A lot of us when we take our weave out we stay in the house cause we don’t want anyone to see us. lol.   Even if it’s for a week going out and about with your hair will make you feel like it’s more of the norm for you. Also you will never be able to find out how to manage your hair if you never deal with it for a long period of time.


2. Dip & dabble with products. “What do you use on your hair to make it look like that” that is a question that i get a lot. I can tell you what i use for my hair but what i look for in a product might not be what you’re looking for. Don’t take someone’s word and buy a product just because everyone is using it. No natural hair product is bad it just might not cater to your needs. Try different brands and when you find one that you like , stick to it.


3. Routines. Weekly routines for your hair can be beneficial . Having a day to deep condition,wash,or grease you hair is very good when you first start wearing your own hair.


4.Patience with styling and growth. Usually natural hairstyles may include a lot of parting of your hair and you most likely will have to do at night , sleep on it , and take it out in the morning. That may be a whole lot for someone who is used to wearing weaves or braids. But please beware if you ” half do” it or get lazy with it , it won’t come out cute . TRUST ME. Also , your hair does seem to grow faster when you don’t have any chemicals in your hair but, don’t expect your hair to grow like Rapunzel.


5.Confidence.  Be as confident  as you are when you have that 22 inches of brazilian hair in. At the end of the day , your real hair is you. That’s ALL you. So look in the mirror and smile and tell yourself “I am a bad bitch (beautiful women if you’re classy)!” Wearing your natural hair shouldn’t be a drag or an inconvenience. The natural hair journey is the process of you falling in love with your hair all over again so enjoy it.




One thought on “Loving your natural.

  1. People just don’t realize how important number 1 is. They think they can just protective style their way to waist length hair. The problem? They won’t develop the confidence to wear their hair out along the way, and they won’t know how to deal with their hair textures when they finally reach their desired lengths.

    Good advice. Sort of makes me want to go back to blogging about natural hair, but I’m having a little too much fun writing about body positivity right now.

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