Insecurities Will Always Be In.

Sometimes I find myself looking in the mirror ripping myself to shreds about the things I  wish I could change . I go on and on about the things that are making my skin crawl. AND GOD FORBID one of my friends gives me one of those pity sayings”it’s not that bad” or the one i hate the most ” what are you talking ’bout?”. I’m serving up major eyerolls to all them bitches. LMAO. The truth of the matter is we all have insecurities whether we want to admit it or not. Most people have experienced some type of bullying in their lives and finding things you don’t like about yourself is the inevitable. Insecurities aren’t the problem it’s how you deal with them.

I’ve been overweight most of my life and I could remember when I was younger anytime someone would call me fat my heart would literally stop. I hated that word fat and it almost seemed as if the word would start a hate fire in the pit of my belly. I gave my imperfections so much power. Eventually as i got older i had this internal dialogue with myself where i decided that if i was going to be fat with a gap , i was going to have to own my shit.I decided i was going to be the most confident girl in the room no matter what. And i did just that. Even on my worst days I’m walking in the room like a look like a billion bucks, cause a million bucks isn’t enough. Even if someone didn’t think i was that cute i might have them convinced with the way i carry myself. I’m positive that I’ve been called every name in the book. But i didn’t let that define me. I always promised myself if i ever got to the point where i became uncomfortable with myself i would do something about it.

Self love is the best love so don’t sell yourself short. There is no key to loving yourself. There is no magic spell. Loving yourself is not about fitting into society’s molds. You have to be okay with what you see in the mirror. You have to love yourself , flaws and all and get to a point where other opinions don’t affect you. I don’t know about y’all but I’m blowing kisses to myself in the mirror no matter what a hater got to say. LOL. Don’t beat yourself up what you want that someone has cause that “it” girl is probably looking in the mirror ripping herself to shreds about the things she wishes she could change.


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