Oh , we talking teams ?

The clock strikes 12 and fireworks burst in the air . Drinks are raised and thrown back to the head and suddenly I can smell a fresh start. Months before all I can think about is what I want to accomplish, what I NEED to accomplish and if this will be the year I won’t look back and say ” Courtni , what happened.” I must admit almost every year I have plans that never fall through . Wether it’s losing weight or getting serious about my future career plans , twelve months pass by and December 31st smacks my me right in my damn face. So it’s January 2nd and I’m wondering what will be this different this time? Will I really lose 100lbs ? Will I get my blog and YouTube channel off the ground ? Will I learn how to close my mouth and be more considerate of people’s  feelings ? Will I meet the love of my life ? Lmao ,  I slid that last one in . Last night my face was to the ceiling and I found myself talking myself out of things already! ” Do you think anybody believes you are going to lose weight?” ” There is a million people out there with dreams like you , what makes you different?” I can sometimes be my own worst enemy . Also ,  I can be lazy . LOL . It usually starts with me telling myself I can’t do it then me giving up . But then I get a notification on my phone of my best friend sending me something on snapchat . I open it and it’s a screenshot of a page of her devotional entitled ” Determine to follow your desires.” Now I’m sure all different type of people will come across this blog , people of different backgrounds and religions and to each its on , I can only talk about the God I serve . In a moment of discouragement, God sends me confirmation that what I am doing is right. Not that it would be easy and that I won’t have any more moments like this. What he told me is that with him for me no once can be against me . That I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me and even though I know it won’t be easy I know with God I am never alone on this journey.  What’s different this year ? On the surface , nothing . I had the ability to accomplish anything I wanted to in the past. My mindset however , may be different . I have been down the road of giving up . Of failing . I know where that takes me . I have NO desire to be lazy anymore. I’m focused on staying focused. I’m keeping God first. 12 months will pass by whether I work hard or not so , I might as well do something with that time. December 31st 2017 I better be looking back and saying ” Damn Courtni you did that!!! ”


My last video of 2016 here’s a little holiday chat , check it out 🙂


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