If the Johnsons from The strange thing about the Johnsons were REALLY black

Let’s start off with a little disclaimer this will be ” a lotta” bit stereotypical , but we’re going to jump right in anyway. If you haven’t watched the short film The strange thing about the Johnsons here is a link , i suggest you go watch it now or else you’ll be SUPERRR CONFUSED (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Um9a2_GmXK4). So where should i start? The psychotic son who is raping his father or the mother who knows all about it bakes chicken and turns the TV up over the screams. My first reaction to this was ” this is some white people shit!!!”. I would be one ignorant person to say there aren’t any black rapist because there are. That’s a fact. But these parents were SCARED of their child ! I mean the dad is letting his son rip of his pants at his wedding. He stands there as his son ferociously unbuckled his belt. I’ve never seen such a disgusting film in my life.  I’m sorry but black parents aren’t afraid of their children. They run the show and excuse my bad grammar but ain’t no black mother gone stand back and let her son rape her husband! Black mothers don’t take no shit. And i don’t know about y’all but if that was my mom she would have been busting through with a GRADE A ASS WHOPPING. You never too old to get backhanded . It never even would have gotten that far! if the roles weren’t reversed and the dad was raping the son i don’t think this would be as controversial as it is. The thought that a black father would let his son rape him is just crazy. A black father would likely kill his son for doing anything sexual with him. When you factor in how the black community is to homosexuals and shames the gay community ( which i don’t condone) this film and storyline seems impossible. If this film was reality Michael Johnson ( the son) wouldn’t be living. If they were really black his mom would have the black slapped off of him and the dad probably would have choked him for even trying to unbuckle his belt. Nonetheless , this short movie gave #blacktwitter something new and fresh to crack at jokes at and that’s always fun!


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