We need Amiyah Scott. #BlacklivesMatter

Just like everyone else I am hooked on Star. This tv show is intriguing , drama filled and , keeps me on the edge of my seat. I was even more excited to see Amiyah Scott’s face on my tv screen! I followed her on Instagram back in 2013 when I met my trans friend Felicia who opened my eyes to a whole new world I knew nothing about.  I don’t know if it was the way she changed up her hair or that NOLA cooking that caught my eye but either way I was celeb-crazed over Amiyah Scott. So let’s fast forward ,  Three years later, I’m watching her in my room on a Wednesday night. On this episode of STAR there was a scene where her character , Cotton, went through a traumatic experience with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend , who happens to be a pastor. The pastor basically tries to cast demons out of her !! Afterwards cotton runs up to her room and puts a gun to her head crying relentlessly until star walks in on her and the situation diffuses. That was just a little quick summary for you all who haven’t seen the episode. This scene itself was powerful and hats off to Lee Daniels for putting social issues on front street. Issues that the black community doesn’t want to talk about in depth. That we ignorantly laugh about or joke about at barbecues and family dinners. Here I am again scrolling on Facebook and I see a link that says ” seventh trans woman to die in 2017″  I read the article over Ciara McElveen a woman who was stabbed to death in New Orleans. It amazed me that this name was not plastered all over twitter or Facebook #CiaraMcElveen . It was even more shocking that seven other trans women have been killed in 2017. Last fall , I did a project over the #BlackLivesMatter movement, honestly I procrastinated and threw  it together but there is one thing that I read during my research that I will always remember . The #BlackLivesMatter movement is not just about the typical black men . It is about black women, black men , gay women, gay men , trans women, trans men, and any other kind of black life there is. If we are going to scream about #BlackLivesMatter we can’t pick and choose which names we want to recognize. #MeshaCaldwell #JamieLeeWoundedArrow #JoJoStriker #JaquarriusHolland #KeKeCollier #CiaraMcElveen #ChynaDollDurpree. The seven trans women who were murdered this year , only three months into 2017. Last year was the deadliest year on record for the transgender community with 27 murders in total. Now I’m no activist , in fact,  if anything I’m a regular girl and hate getting all deep and shit but, just as much as it angers me that our black men are dying for no reason,  it angers me that trans people are dying and no one knows. I wouldn’t have known if the article never would have graced my timeline on Facebook. I am a 19 year old black straight girl. I am not apart of the LGBTQ community but I do have close friends who are. When unarmed black men die I rant on twitter , hashtag their names, get angry and ad  time goes on I don’t really think about them until that ” retweet it’s been one year since *insert name* has died. When it comes to trans lives I haven’t even been given the opportunity to do the bare minimum. I now want to do more than I’ve ever don’t and you should too. Though we don’t want to admit it , majority of the black community is ignorant when it comes to the transgender community. I am ignorant when it comes to their community,  I simply don’t know. I have the want to educate myself on it because, I want to be aware of what to say or what not to say , what’s offensive, their struggles and what I can do as fellow member of the black community to raise awareness for the trans women and men who are dying tragically every year. Amiyah Scott . We see her on our tv screen on a scripted tv show yet, her character holds so much truth. We need Amiyah Scott because she brings awareness to something most of us know nothing about . Thank you Amiyah for opening eyes and turning heads. Those small clips in STAR might be the only education some may get on the trans community.  #MeshaCaldwell #JamieLeeWoundedArrow #JoJoStriker #JaquarriusHollard #KeKeCollier #CiaraMcElveen #ChynaDollDurpree .  Say their names and say them loud.

On Tuesday’s I have tea !! Feel free to check out my YouTube channel !! https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=0LdZJu7mvp0


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