White girl rehab

I’m so freaking pissed. I’ve reached my limit . After months of being off the radar Miley Cyrus steps back into the spotlight with a new look and apparently a new outlook on her previous  album Bangerz and her image in the media. basically Miley alludes that she doesn’t want to be apart of rap/hip hop culture anymore. Miley who one said “Lil Kim is who I am on the inside,” now says she feels “alienated by hip-hop’s materialism and graphic sexual descriptions.” GIRL WHAT? Miley who was alienated  by her Hannah Montana fans because she had started to do this “bad girl” image . It all started when she got caught smoking out of a bong on video next thing you know her next single was ” I can’t be tamed”. Now this was different than the usual Disney stars fall from grace. After Hannah Montana Miley was still having a great career she had “Party in The USA” which was a major hit and also was starred in a movie which is where she met her fiancè. But a soon as Miley wasn’t that cookie cutter cowboy boots wearing girl anymore her fans didn’t like it. So Miley cut her hair off , started hanging around rappers and making more urban music. Miley was now apart of the hip hop world and seemed to be enjoying it . Miley was this carefree girl now who did and said what she wanted .  She was featured on a song whit Wiz khalifia and Mike Will made it and even had her notorious hit ” We can’t stop” where in the video she had big booty twerkers, gold chains , grills , and all that other shit you might see in nellys tip drill remix video . Hip hop was accepting her in a time the country world wasn’t . So for her to come out and make this stament bashing hop hop saying that’s not her anymore …it makes me livid. Hip hop and black culture is not your fucking step brother that you hang with when it’s convient for you . When the country world (and let’s be real y’all know what I mean when I say country world) , when they didn’t want anything to do with her , hip hop accepted her and not saying everyone may have liked it . I’m not saying we all were gawing over Miley but shit we kept her ass on the radar making money. White pop stars seemed to do this thing . When they do something bad or shameful and their community basically stop fucking with them they wanna  cross over and make a track with the hottest rappers and start to broaden their horizons and I’m not with that shit. You can’t sit with us , you can’t hang with us , none of that. Stop using hip hop as a way to stay popping. Now Katy perry who has had a  little time away from the industry due to her feud with Taylor swift is back with a song with Migos, the hottest rap group out right now. She’s dabbing with her new edgy haircut on stage with gold chains wrapped around neck. All I have to say is Katy don’t fucking try it sis. Hip hop is not you’re white girl rehab to be there for your career when it’s slowly going down the drain . Stick to being wide awake and call up your PR agent and ask for a different tactic that doesn’t include making a mockery of and  exploiting black culture . Thanks.


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