The family we get to choose & the strength in being weak

When most people meet new people they start off liking everyone in the room and if someone rubs them the wrong way they’ll eventually not like that person. I do the complete opposite i side eye everyone , sit back and observe, showing flashes of my personality seeing who can handle it and who is ….WEAK. lol. Really , you have to rub me the right way and then i’ll like you and give everyone else the cold shoulder. So when i met Jada honestly … it was going to have to be a no for me. She didn’t do much to rub me the wrong way but you know me she didn’t do much to rub me the right way either . As i later found out, in the grand scheme of things we were total opposites . I mean i’m like Ms.check-a-bitch and Jada is like this afrocentric Erykah Badu so laid back like nothing affects her , it’s creepy honestly. Since she is older than me I would come to her for advice about things we all deal with our freshmen year in college nothing ass niggas, bullshit ass friends and school work. She became like a big sister to me. As time went on and the year ended we stayed in touch and when this year rolled around and i fell on hard times and she was here to give me a helping hand. This past month we’ve spent a lot of time together and though i act like i don’t listen to shit she says , i do. I value you her opinion and what she says. Though it was hard for me, i have opened up to her about some things that i never thought i would’ve told her. Real friendship is people seeing the worst in you and still loving you. Now , I use to be  the first one to yell out CRYING IS A WEAK BITCH TRAIT. ( And i’m still gonna say it most likely)Lmao! But i have learned there is courage in opening up to people , letting them in your world. Not feeling you have to be some stern ass bitch all the time. God kind of rolls the dice and picks our family for us and we don’t get any say so on it. But our friends are a support system we get to build. It’s the family you get to choose. Now Jada is only one of the many amazing people i have in my life. But i told this story to say this: If you allow yourself to never be weak just for a moment just so people can get a glimpse of the real  you , eventually you’ll push people away.  You may miss out on your blessings.  You may miss out on someone who has a beautiful soul, someone who only wants the best for you. You may miss out on your Jada. We all deserve someone in life who is going to keep us on our P’s and Q’s. So i know everyone wants to be an unfriendly twitter hottie but honey it’s only cute on camera.


CourtniWithAni a.k.a Coco


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